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About Trusted Transitions – Our Story

“Several years ago, it was necessary for me to help Mom move into a retirement condo. It didn’t happen at a convenient time. (There NEVER would have been a convenient time). I had to take off a great deal of time from work to deal with many different people and issues. When I was at work, if I’m honest, I wasn’t giving 100% to my employer. I was on the phone setting up meetings and scheduling work at my mother’s house (the family house). Needless to say, this whole process involved much more time and energy than I had anticipated.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any resources available to me to help with the situation, and I was often at the mercy of unscrupulous vendors. In the end, Mom’s estate sale realized less than it should have. That meant less money for her.

I vowed I wouldn’t let that happen to others.”

- John Thomas, owner of Trusted Transitions